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This is the website of the Vermont Crafts Council, the marketing and communications arm of professional craft artisans in the state.  Link to their web sites through the VCC page.  Also, check for maps and info on the state-wide two-day Open Studio weekend held every Memorial Day weekend.

Look for the book "The Siege at Hue", by George W. Smith.  It is the most comprehensive account yet of America's longest and most crucial battle in Vietnam.  Jack Chase won the Silver Star for heroism during this battle, as well as the Purple Heart.  The book details some of his personal story.

An outstanding photographer (see the two photos on <> home page), George Robinson is equally adept at fine art, portrait, corporate, studio and scenic photography.

A producer/promoter of quality professional art and craft shows throughout Vermont and eastern New York State.

The oldest full-service dive shop in Vermont.  In addition to a complete line of state-of-the-art equipment in their spacious retail store, Victory Sports offers PADI-approved instruction, repair service, dive trips and on-line sales through their web site.

This web site promotes Vermont artists and craftsmen.  An excellent resource for people looking for handmade work in a wide range of media.

The recently published book, The Sculpture Reference, is the most complete and diverse contemporary sculpture reference assembled.  Jack Chase is one of only 288 contemporary living sculptors selected to represent the field of sculpture today.

Dutch Huff is a former apprentice at Birch Pond Sculpture.  A talented, personable young man, he now is a professional photographer.  Check out his gritty and sensitive photographic essay of life today at the Spaulding Farm, where Jack Chase grew up.

The Vermont Arts Council.  The council provides funding, services and information to artists and the general public.