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This web page was last updated on 5/4/11.

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  This page features selected new designs, commissions and other new work done in the past few months.  Older work may be found on the appropriate Fine Art or Fine Craft pages which can be accessed above. 

Recent news of note

The year 2011-12 marks the centennial of Scott and Amundsen's near-simultaneous arrival at the South Pole.  The Antarctican Society of the United States commissioned Jack to make a South Pole Centennial Medallion commemorating the event.  Additionally, the Society will have Jack create a memorial plaque to be installed at the Ruth Siple Library at the South Pole Station.

Now that he is no longer doing shows, Jack and his wife devote spare time to restoration of an ancestral cemetery in Cambridge, Vermont.  Jack also makes muzzle-loading weapons.   Many gun-making tools were either made by Jack or by ancestors around the period of the original guns.  Photos will be added at a later date.

Jack Chase is included in the recently published book, The Sculpture Reference, by Arthur Williams.  The 512 page hard-cover book is the most complete and diverse pictorial contemporary sculpture reference in print.  The book won the 2006 Silver Benjamin Franklin Award for "Excellence in Independent Publishing in Fine Arts".  Chase is one of only 288 contemporary living sculptors whose work is featured out of a field of over 16,000 individual works which were considered.  Selected pages can be viewed online.  Visit for more information by going to the Links page above.


Maple Branches:

Pictured below is a wall sculpture of a maple branch.  It consists of several sections of 10-leaf units (item FLRMB) described elsewhere on this web site.  The installation was done entirely by the customer, who graciously provided these photos.


Recent Ornament Designs:

Please go to the "Fine Crafts" section of this web site to view what's current.  Available in 3-inch ornament size with or without glass, or larger upon request.  Ornaments are $25 with stained glass, or $19 without glass added.  Gift boxed.


Recent Weather Vane Commissions:

Not long ago, a  beloved local school teacher was tragically gunned down while working in her office.  The weather vane below was commissioned in her memory by her school district and friends.  She had been given the honorary Native American Indian name, "Sunning Turtle."  This vane is my depiction of  her name.  It rests atop a gazebo outside the classroom.  Schoolchildren gather beneath it for classes when the weather permits.

Gazebo with vane

Sunning Turtle vane (detail)


Weather vane inspired by a 200 year old Shem Drowne design for Boston's Old North Church.  The new vane is atop an historic former one-room schoolhouse in Essex, NY.  See also the Weather Vane page in the Fine Crafts section of this web site for information on what to look for and how to choose a quality weather vane.

Copy of original  Shem Drowne vane

Newly commissioned vane.   Note 23-1/2 karat gold leaf gilding.

Reverse of new vane.  Note "antique" patina and addition of lead counterweight to improve function.

Cast lead arrowhead pointer.

Detail of stainless steel spindle.  The 20-lb vane pivots on a single ball bearing in breezes as light as 2-3 mph.

Historic one-room schoolhouse and newly installed vane.


The weather vane commissioned below is of "Champ", the legendary Lake Champlain sea monster.  While on my sailboat one night, I actually saw the creature as I looked through the bottom of my scotch glass.

"Champ", stainless steel and stained glass.  Use of stainless steel ensures decades of trouble-free functioning outdoors.

Detail showing features and burnishing technique.

Champ, installed on his new home on the shore of Lake Champlain.  Perfectly balanced on a ball bearing, the vane turns in the lightest breeze.



Some recent 'found metal' art:

Branding Time for Bessie 


Heron (6-1/2 feet tall) 


Unpink, Unplastic Flamingo

Garden Bird




Recent Commissions:

    Adrian Schools Educational Foundation, MI

     Antarctican Society of the U.S.A.

     Association of Operating Room Nurses 

     Essex Town School District, VT

     Vermont Ski Museum, Stowe, VT

     United Church of Christ, Midland, MI

     Cambridge (VT) Historical Society

     Central Vermont Medical Center

     Lenawee (MI) Chamber for Economic Development

     Mount Mansfield Union High School, Jericho, VT


Stainless Steel and Stained Glass Wall Sculptures:

         Each piece below measures 22 inches in the largest dimension.  All pieces have been sold except where a price is indicated. Commissions are accepted for one-of-a-kind variations of these works.  Call or email for further information.  See the "Fine Art" and "Fine Crafts" pages of this web site for other designs.

Surveillance SOLD

Snow Dance SOLD

Carefree  SOLD

Call of the Road SOLD

Bravo Zulu  SOLD

Ode to Peace SOLD

Water Stalker SOLD

Spade Fish  SOLD



Lonely Traveler SOLD

Desertspeak SOLD

Purpose  SOLD

Clown Fish (carbon steel)...$290

Clown Fish (stainless steel)  SOLD

Spade Fish  SOLD

Fish School  SOLD

Manatee  SOLD

Sea Turtle  SOLD


Passel of Herons...$350 ea.

Cat w/green glass


Humming bird w/leaded glass


Humming bird w/green glass


Humming bird w/blue & red glass


Heron w/wispy blue glass  SOLD

"Rip Tide", adapted from Japanese woodcut, 8" x 10"


Wolf w/mirror glass...$275




A day in the studio:

Brianne (top left) and Dana (top right) above, cut and grind stained glass for ornaments.  Both high school seniors prepared the fund-raising ornaments for their class drug and alchohol-free Project Graduation party.  Their class ornament design is above at the lower right.  Brianne is preparing maple leaf ornaments shown at the lower left.


Thanks for your interest.  If you have questions you may e-mail Jack at <<[email protected]>>.