The Growing Years

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11 weeks old.  With great-grandfather Elmer Kneeland, who rode for Buffalo Bill's Wild West show (2nd from L).

My first family reunion on the farm, 1941.


Age 9 months.

With Uncle Weatherbee, killed on Okinawa.

Saturday bath on the farm.

With Dad and my first bike, age eight.

Farm chores, 1949.

Farmer boy.

With grandparents, about to depart on a camping trip, 1949.

Jack (back row, R) with fourth grade class at the one-room schoolhouse.  Mom was my teacher the first three years.

A boy's dog....

Gramp and cousins, 1949

The compleat angler.

The new house in Waterbury, VT.

A huge fifth grade at the new school.  I'm next to teacher.

An early oil painting effort.

...and an eighth grade "sculpture" project.

Junior Choir, 1952

High School cross-country team.  I'm co-captain.

Junior Prom, 1958.

Entertaining the girls in Mom's third grade class.

With Friend Mary, one hour before entering West Point and a 34-year army career.

With Mary three months later.

First leave from West Point, with best friend Marty, 1960.

Art Club at West Point.   "Remember, the cork stays in the bottle until after the painting is finished."  I'm club president.

West Point Ski Club (front row, 3rd from L)  I'm club president.

Apres-ski at the West Point ski lodge.

Patrolling the East German border on a summer training trip, 1962.

A '57 Chevy--what more could a guy want?

...except the girl who owns it!

An excercise in authority.

Company classmates, 1963.  I'm front row, 2nd from L.

Cadet Jack Chase.

Graduation week, 1963.

My first car.

With younger brother, Jerry, about to start a U.S.A. trip.  Only 10,000 miles to go....

My first Army medal and first wife.  I still have the medal.

Captured equipment at a Vietnam  fire base, 1968.

Planning B-52 strikes, 1968.

My unit--the 7th Vietnamese Cavalry Regiment

7th Cav advisors.  Shrapnel shredded the photo during an attack.

One of my tracks ambushed in Hue, Tet '68.  Eight brave Vietnamese killed.

Another ambushed track.  All bodies incinerated.

Letter written home during the battle for Hue.  The mail chopper took a hit.  That's a bullet hole.

Being awarded the Silver Star and the Purple Heart.

7th Cav at Tet party the day before all hell broke loose for 28 days....

Me with captured VC battle flag.

A captured North Vietnamese soldier--cold, sixteen years old and scared.

Me at "home" just before heading out on an operation.

Sweep operation on Bernard Fall's "Street Without Joy", 1967.  I'm giving the photographer the finger.

Our mascot....

On R&R in Hawaii, 1968

Meeting Bob Hope while teaching Military History at The Ohio State University, 1969.

110 feet down in Lake Champlain on the wreck of the "Phoenix", sunk in 1819.