This page was last updated on 1/5/10.

Several dozen designs are available, depicting a wide variety of subjects.  Many more ornaments may be viewed on the pages tabbed at the bottom of this page.  Most ornaments are three inches in maximum dimension and are made of  durable 24-gauge stainless steel which I scratch brush to a pewter-like surface finish.  The ornaments shown on this page are a small sampling of some to which I've added stained glass.  You can purchase them either with stained glass ($25) or with just the stainless steel and no glass ($19).  Keep in mind that you have limitless possibilities to order a unique, one-of-a-kind ornament by having me add stained glass of your choice.    I also make one-of-a-kind copper maple leaf ornaments which you may view on the Maple Leaves web page.


Samples of glass-backed stainless ornaments:

Go to the "Glass Samples" tab at the bottom to view glass choices

Balloons with Baroque Blue glass...$25.00

Golfer with Baroque Green Glass...$25.00

Wolf  with glass...$25.00

Nativity with Wispy Blue glass...$25.00

Gymnast/Dancer with "My Girl" glass...$25.00

Humming Bird with "Wispy Green" glass...$25.00

Edition sold out

Key West Light with "Tropic Sea" glass...$25.00

Loons with "Deep Sea" glass...$25.00

Music with "Gobi Wind" glass...$25.00

Scuba Diver with "Wispy Blue" glass...$25.00

Martial Arts with black glass...$25.00

Edition sold out

Martial Arts with "Gobi Wind" glass...$25.00

Edition sold out

Yoga with "Wispy Blue" glass...$25.00

Limited quantity available