Witness Trees

This page was last updated on 8/18/07

Marked trees or "witness trees" as they were often called, played an important role in early rural America.  As land ownership was passed down from generation to generation, witness trees stood as mute evidence to agreements made between neighbors many years earlier.  Because of this enduring importance, these trees were never cut and grew into the most majestic examples of their species.

I live on rural, former farmland which is dotted with several old witness trees.  In my Witness Tree series, I try to create an exciting personal statement which brings to mind these stately landmarks of a bygone era.  Recycled wire cable, burnished brass, and delicate patinas are brought together in creating these highly individualistic pieces.  Each is mounted on rugged Vermont granite, richly veined serpentine, or marble and set off to best advantage on a solid block of select hardwood.  Every sculpture is different from its predecessors, reflecting my mood at the time and my continuing personal development.  To insure authenticity, my signature and a registered number appear on each sculpture.

Each tree is sculpted by commission only.  Six to twelve months delivery.

By the Deer Stand

Son Clay

Jane Brown's Tree

Paper Birch

Paper Birch (detail)


Witness Tree

W.R. Brown's Tree