Maple Leaves

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Arrangement of six FLRMB units and three FLRMO single leaves

Arrangement of three RMB units

Typical installation of RMB units

RMO (4-inch) and FLRMO (2-inch) maple ornaments

Single FLRMB unit

Single RMB unit

All about the photo on the top left

The maple wall sculpture in the top left photo actually consists of six separate ten-leaf branches.  The individual ten-leaf branch is my item FLRMB (which stands for Funny Little Red Maple Branch).  Any number of individual branches can be combined by you to create the illusion of a single, larger branch.  Total width of the arrangement shown is about four feet.

Add single leaves (item FLRMO) for a light, airy feel or to make a stunning statement on a large expanse of wall.  Create your own, unique art!

Groupings of FLRMB's can be re-arranged to suit your changing tastes and wall space.  These are handmade in my Vermont studio from copper, brass and steel.  They ship well and are easily hung using common wire brads.  Each FLRMB (bottom left photo) weighs just a few ounces and measures approximately 6" wide by 12" long.

FLRMB, 10-leaf unit..............................$60.00

All about the two center photos, top row, above

These life-sized sugar maple wall sculptures are made from copper, brass and steel.  No two leaves are exactly alike.  Colors are achieved when the metal is heated and welded.  The modular concept allows any number of three-leaf units (right photo, bottom row) to be combined into larger, totally unique wall sculptures as illustrated in the two top center photos.  The colors do not change over time.  No special tools or fixtures required.  Each RMB is about 12" long.

RMB, 3-leaf unit..................................$50.00

All about the top right hand photo above

These copper and brass ornaments are naturally colored by the heat from the welding torch.  No two are ever alike.  The largest of the three leaves (item RMO) is life-sized, nearly four inches across.  The smaller two leaves (item FLRMO) are approximately two inches across.  Use them as Christmas ornaments or to embellish that special gift package, or even as part of an autumn centerpiece arrangement.  Each leaf comes packaged in an attractive white gift box with a descriptive card.

RMO (4-inch)................................$12.00

FLRMO (2-inch)..............................$8.00